Projeler - Isdemir Blast Furnace and BOF Gas Holders

Projeler - Isdemir Blast Furnace and BOF Gas Holders

projects Description
Project : İsdemir Blast Furnace and OG Gas Holders, İskenderun – Turkey
Client : İsdemir Iron And Steel Works Company
Contract Date : 14.07.2004 & 27.02.2006
Completion Date : The first stage of the project has been completed on 28.02.2006 and the second stage completed on 25.03.2009.
Duration : 2 x 24 Months (The project has been performed in two stages)
Status : EPC Contractor
Percentage Of Participation : 100 %
General Description Of The Project : Engineering, manufacturing, supply and erection works.
Detailed Description Of The Project : The project has been realized as an EPC Contract in turnkey basis for ISDEMIR İskenderun Iron and Steel Company in Turkey. The project consisted of floating piston type two gas holders and piping system, excess gas flare stack, converter gas recovery, boosting, filtration and mixing stations. The gas holders were constructed to store blast furnace and converter gases produced in ISDEMIR Plant. Our main technological sub-contractors were MB Engineering Services Ltd., Clayton Walker Gas Holder Division (England) and SMS Demag AG (Germany).


  • Detailed Engineering Works
  • Supply, Manufacturing and Erection Works
  • Ex-proof Electrical and Automation System Supply and Erection Works
  • Commissioning and Start-up

Main Quantities:

  • Blast Furnace Gas Holder of a Capacity : 50,000 m3 Dia= 43 m, H= 54 m
  • BOF Gas Holder of a Capacity : 60,000 m3 Dia=48.4 m, H= 59 m
  • 3 nos of Gas Export Stations each one including boost fan and wet type ESP
  • One Mixing Station
  • One Excess Flare Stack