Health & Safety

Health & Safety

At EKON, we are firmly committed to the health and safety of our employees and those around us. Our formal occupational health and safety management system is certified to OHSAS 45001 and is based on sustainable policies, practices and processes designed in light of our experience, technical insights and specialised project management know-how accumulated over our 40 year history in the construction industry.

Our policy is to maintain a safe working environment for our people, customers, business partners and those affected by our operations, and we aim to achieve this by:

– Identifying health and safety risks associated with our activities and eliminating these where possible
– Minimising and effectively managing the remaining risks in a structured manner
– Sustaining a culture of enhanced awareness of health and safety through periodic training of our people
– Proactively engaging with our business partners to ensure everyone understands how to keep themselves and others safe and healthy
– Maintaining systems and processes that react quickly and effectively to safety incidents and emergency situations, should they occur
– Compliance with all applicable laws and health and safety regulations

Our vision is for zero accidents and ill health caused by our activities and operations. We feel this is a dynamic process and we proactively refine the way we work to incorporate new learnings and ideas.

All employees must also protect their own health and safety and should (i) do their jobs in a safe manner, (ii) stop and seek guidance if they believe what they are doing is unsafe, (iii) comply with all health and safety requirements, and (iv) work towards our vision of zero accidents and ill health caused by work.