Quality Management System Policy

Quality Management System Policy

EKON Industry Construction and Trade Inc. is a company offering turnkey services in relation to; 

  • Integrated Industrial Facilities,
  • Infrastructure Works,
  • Superstructure Works,
  • Mechanical Manufacturing and Installation Works.

Our company continues to offer high quality service as a constant company policy in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 Management Systems with its humanistic, qualified and specialised workforce by relying, definitively, on its ethical values.

Our notion of work is;

  • to implement our rules and standards regarding the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and in accordance with the applicable laws, legislation, regulations and other requirements or in a more prudent way,
  • to respond to the customer expectations and other requirements in line with the contractual and legal responsibilities completely and faultlessly, to contact with the customers in a sustainable way and on the basis of trust,
  • to provide the sustainability and efficiency of the system by conducting its whole executive, support and operational activities within a certain discipline and harmony in connection with each other through process management approach,
  • to endeavour for eliminating any kind of danger in our working places to avoid any harm to employees or related stakeholders, the facility or environment, to prevent environmental pollution, to ensure protection of environment and to use possible state-of-art technology, equipment and methods while realising them,
  • to be prepared for the state of emergency, to endeavour for preventing health impairment or injuries by avoiding the dangers at the source and with the principle of zero incident,
  • to increase consistently the quality of services and products that we render for our customers by following the technological developments, learning continuously and sharing the knowledge,
  • to enhance the performance of the employees with the leadership approach by giving priority to their training needs, to raise their awareness, to take the opinions of employees and employee representatives and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the management systems by ensuring their participation,
  • to enable our sub-contractors and suppliers to comply with the provisions of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety stipulated by the law as well as the principles of Quality, Environment Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems of EKON Industry Construction and Trade Inc.
  • to ensure continuous improvement of environment, occupational health and safety performance as well as the product and service quality by means of internal and external surveys, lessons learned, risk and opportunity assessments, corrective action suggestions and feedbacks from the customers. 

These policies and principles are the common priority and responsibility of all employees under the leadership of the senior management.


General Manager