Projeler - Gebze Combined Cycle Power Plant (850 MW)

Projeler - Gebze Combined Cycle Power Plant (850 MW)

projects Description
Project :

Gebze 850 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Complete Civil And Mechanical Erection

Works And Mechanical Supply Of The Balance Of The Plant Turkey

Client : Yeni AEN İnşaat A.Ş.(Ansaldo Energia Subsidiary)
Consultant : Tractabel Engineering
Contract Date : 12.07.2011
Completion Date : 11.12.2013
Status : Contractor
Percentage Of Participation : 100 %
General Description Of The Project : 850 MWe Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant which is constructed in Kocaeli-Gebze VI. IMES Industrial Zone of TURKEY.
Detailed Description Of The Project : The main contractor and investor of the power plant is Italian company ANSALDO ENERGIA s.p.a. (AEN) and EKON Industry Construction and Trade Inc. is local contractor of AEN for the scope of complete detail engineering, manufacturing, civil and structural steel works, supply and erection works of the plant.

The main quantities in the scope of EKON are as follows:

  • Concrete : 38.000 m3
  • Formwork : 41.500 m2
  • Reinforcement Bar : 4.700 ton
  • Steel structure supply+erection: 4.900 ton
  • Cladding : 17.000 m2
  • Piping inc.supports : 973 ton
  • 2xHRSG non-pressure part manufacturing : 3.333 ton
  • 2xHRSG Erection : 9.600 ton

The project covers 2 units of 94.3A gas turbines (each 294 MW), and generators set, 2 units of heat recovery steam generators with stack, 1 unit of steam turbine with a capacity of 280 MW.The foundations of Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine Structures are in reinforced concrete type where the superstructures are designed in steel structure type. There are also one electrical building for each unit adjacent to the turbine structures and there is an individual electrical building within each heat recovery steam generator structure. Moreover, the project includes one Air-Cooled Condenser for condensing of the steam and one Fin Fan Cooler for closed cooling system.

The supply of heat recovery steam generator is delivered by STF s.p.a (Italy) where the supply of Air-Cooled Condenser and Fin Fan Cooler aredelivered by SPIG s.p.a (Italy) and also the supply of gas & steam turbines are delivered by AEN. The non-pressure parts of HRSGs are manufactured in EKON’s fabrication facilities.

In addition to the Power Island mentioned above; pipe racks, auxiliary boiler plant, water treatment plants and tanks, auxiliary electrical buildings, natural gas RMS-A station, administration building, underground galleries, pump stations, pump foundations, transformer foundations etc. structures are also defined in the scope of EKON.

Cranes & hoists, atmospheric tanks, fire fighting systems, heating ventilating and air conditioning system (HVAC), natural gas connection system to main pipeline (HOT-TAP) and Gas Pressure Reducing Station are supplied by EKON on EPC turn-key basis.