Projeler - Etimaden Bandırma Turbogenerator Systems and Modernization of Energy infrastructure

Projeler - Etimaden Bandırma Turbogenerator Systems and Modernization of Energy infrastructure

projects Description

On 26th of March in 2021, Etimaden and Ekon signed Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for The Construction of Turbogenerator Systems and Modernization of Energy infrastructure located in Eti Maden’s existing Boron and Acid Plant at Bandirma, Balikesir.

Within the scope of this turnkey project, Ekon undertakes the entire of Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction-Installation Works, as well as start-up and commissioning of the installed systems. Upon conducting performance tests, Ekon trains to Eti Maden’s technical staff for successful the operation of the new system.

Operations Directorate of Bandirma Boron and Acid Plant processes Boron mine and transforms into high value-added, high quality and sustainable refined Boron products.

Turkey has 73% of World Boron reserve and Bandırma Boron and Acid Plant is one of the most important Boron Products Manufacturing Plant in Turkey. It supports energy savings and makes additional contribution to economy by means of existing 2 x 5.33MW Turbine Generator Groups which currently partially respond to power demand of the plants.

After the completion of project undertaken by Ekon, 36 MW new steam turbine-generator with its auxilliary units including a cooling system serving new and existing turbogenerator systems simultaneously, the modernization of the existing 2 x 5.33MW turbine – generator groups and their integration with the new system, 2 Main Distribution Center Buildings (ADM-1 & ADM-2) in where 34.5kV / 15kV / 6.3kV Swichgears , transformers in varied types and sizes and AC-DC Low Voltage Distribution Systems shall be installed; a new DCS which includes Energy Monitoring & Power Management System, Turbine Control Systems, Process and PMS will be made available to increase the energy production capacity of existing plants in order to ensure continuous operation of the facility without any dependence to external power source. Furthermore the energy infrastructure will be modernized.