Projeler - Isdemir Blast Furnace No:3 Modernization

Projeler - Isdemir Blast Furnace No:3 Modernization

projects Description
Project : Manufacturing, Civil Works and Dismantling-Erection Works Under Modernization of Isdemir Blast Furnace No:3 Investment
Client : İSDEMİR ‚ İskenderun Iron & Steel Co.İskenderun – Turkey
Consultant : ERENCO – Erdemir Engineering, Management and Consulting Services Inc.
Contract Date : 23.06.2005
Duration : 28 Months
Status : Main Contractor
Percentage Of Participation :

100 %

General Description Of The Project : Being one of the ISDEMIR’s modernization investments, the project included all modification, erection, dismantling and relocation works of existing Blast Furnace No.3 and auxiliary plants. The modernization increased blast furnace production capacity from 1.300.000 tons/year to 1.800.000 tons/year.

ProjectConsist of:

  • Dismantling works of Hot Air Line Systems, Bell Type Loading System, Pump Station, Cooling system and Body of the furnace.
  • Erection works of Bell-Less Type Loading system, Body of the Furnace, Stave Cooling System, Tuyer and Tuyer Platforms, Hot Air Line systems, Skip Load system and other equipments.
  • Erection works of electrical and automation system, steel fabrication and erection, civil works.
Detailed Description Of The Project : CompletedWork Items:

  • Furnace Top Loading System was replaced by Bell ‚ Less Top System
  • Furnace shell cooling system was replaced by Stave type closed circuit cooling system and designed according to demineralized water usage
  • Hot air line system was modified by increasing Tuyer no. from 20 to 24.
  • Electrical, automation and control system was installed
  • Slag granulation plant
  • Raw material intake ramp for furnace
  • The foundations of some of the existing equipments was replaced by new foundations

Main Quantities:

  • Dismantling : 7954 tons
  • Steel Fabrication & Erection : 1517 tons
  • Mechanical Equipment Erection : 1516 tons
  • Piping : 24118 m
  • Excavation : 11583 m3
  • Concrete : 4823 m3