Projeler - Afşin Elbistan TPP – B II.Unit Fire Damage Restoration

Projeler - Afşin Elbistan TPP – B II.Unit Fire Damage Restoration

projects Description
Project :

EÜAŞ Afşin Elbistan B Thermal Power Plant Operation Directorate Dismantling, Manufacturing, Installation, Tests and Commissioning Works of the Parts Damaged due to the Fire in the II.Unit Boiler Building Project

Client : Turkish Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ)
Contract Date : 16.01.2015
Status : Main Contractor
Percentage Of Participation : 100%
General Description Of The Project : The operation of the power plant is within the scope of Turkish Electricity Generation Company and EKON is the contractor of EÜAŞ within the scope of detailed engineering, steel manufacturing, erection works and civil works, mechanical, electrical and automation works.

Project covers the dismantling-erection and structures which were damaged as result of fire which had occurred in the boiler building such as boiler carrier construction system and boiler building steel construction, electricity, cables and carriers, instrumentation, cabinet and equipments, electromechanical control valve and actuators, electronic control room, panel and transformer room, elevator and pit, pipes, gas ducts, suspension systems, vapor filters, carrier stands, vapor fans and motors, screw extractors, and spillway equipments (all profiles, platforms, handrails and cladding works) and commissioning of renovated systems.

Main work items are as follows:

  • Construction works (Steel construction, cladding and isolation works)
  • Mechanical Works (Electro filter and auxiliary equipments, pipelines, isolation and instruments etc)
  • Electricity and Automation works

Heavy damaged vertical and horizontal carriers, other auxiliary equipments which are constructed from steel construction (walkway, platform, stair etc.) will be manufactured from structural steel and will be erected by EKON. Reinforcing works in main column and beams of boiler will be executed by EKON. Surface cleaning and paint works for non-damaged supports will be executed by EKON. Design and erection of crossing structures will be performed by EKON in order to facilitate the transportation of material between units. Exterior and roof cladding will be dismantled and renewed with sandwich panel filled with stone wool. Shutter and doors which are located in the 2nd unit and roof drain system will be renewed by EKON according to their original status.

Within the scope of mechanical works vapor filters will be reconstructed again together with their auxiliary equipments and they will be erected. Elevator and crane equipments which were damaged after fire will reconstructed by EKON. Cold Re-superheater (RH) which is the main part of the vapor system will be renewed by EKON according to the damage which was determined by analysis usinf electromechanical devices. Vapor fly ash blowing and all valves which are located in fire zone will be dismantled and renewed. All fire lines and equipments (fire cabinet, fire hose, valve), vacuum cleaning system, auxiliary vapor pipes, service line, instrument air installation, closed circuit cooling make up tanks and installation tanks belonging to this tank, boiler support springs (as result of test), all system and equipment isolations will be replaced with new ones by EKON.

Within the scope of electricity works; cable trays, ladders and accessories, power cables, lighting system and cables, electrical panels, transformers, vapor filters fan motors, elevator and crane system electrical installation, grounding installation, lightning protection and airplane warning system, fly ash blowing system electrical installation will be renewed completely by EKON

Within the scope of electronics and communication works; signal and automation cables, automation and measurement panels, switches and sensors, actuators, transmitters, analyzer, roof shutter pneumatic systems will be replaced by EKON.