HR Policy

At EKON we cherish our employees as an integral part of our business process and recognize that a healthy, happy and properly motivated workforce is crucial to our success as a customer oriented company. We aim to effectively leverage our employees to achieve our corporate goals through fair and ethical policies, applied transparently, consistently and equally to all employees. Our policies are designed to create a safe, healthy, secure, motivating, empowering, and harmonious work environment and to continuously raise the standards of individuals and the company by focusing on employee development.

The fundamental principles of our HR Policy are:

• To invest in our human resources, aiming at continuous development in line with company strategies and objectives;
• To recruit candidates that are suitable to growing with and leading the company into the future, whilst retaining the basic values of the company;
• To make a transparent, inclusive, and participative work environment that celebrates differences and cultural diversity;
• To create an atmosphere of trust and dependability among employees, and between employees and the company, where individuality and team work is supported, and corporate values and ethics are promoted;
• To create equal opportunities within the company for all employees;
• To pursue the material and moral rights of our employees;
• To continuously increase the level of satisfaction of employees;
• To provide a work environment where reliability, trust, and ethical values are fostered, as well as a healthy work-life balance;
• To prioritise employee motivation and loyalty;
• To maximise employee efficiency through individual career planning and support;
• To shape individual development plans of employees within the opportunities available within our Group of Companies;
• To prepare and implement training schedules for our employees;
• To apply open and transparent management policies throughout the company to all employees without distinction;
• To apply a fair and equal reward management system by organizing salaries according to positions not persons;
• To keep improving our performance management system in line with corporate objectives.